What are the accessories you can use in a modular kitchen?

Before you decide to buy modular kitchen accessories it is a good idea to find out a little more about them. The different types of accessories include:

  • Base units – Usually modular kitchens come with at least 2 base units, one for your oven and one with drawers and shelf space, which you can use as a countertop for working in the kitchen. The base units are designed to accommodate the hob, which is basically your cooktop, and sometimes the kitchen sink.
  • Wall units – These are placed on the wall according to your height and convenience so that your stored utensils and jars are kept within easy reach.
  • Wall and floor tiles – Most kitchens are equipped with ceramic tiles although wooden flooring and laminates are increasingly becoming more popular.
  • Worktop – This is where you do the work, the chopping, grinding, mixing and prepping of food. It’s a good idea to ensure that you choose a water-proof worktop.