Necklaces - A Guide to Necklace Styles

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between opera and princess necklaces? What exactly is a lariat or a rope necklace? And isn't a matinee something you go and see at the theatre, not a type of necklace?

Well, fear not, because this easy guide is here to give you the lowdown on necklaces styles, with concise but comprehensive explanations of what's what when it comes to necklaces!

Chokers: these are necklaces that lie just above the collarbone and emphasize your neckline. Chokers are great for evening wear and complement most styles of neckline. If you're wearing a high-necked top, then you don't want it to hide your choker.

Princess length: this is the princess of necklace styles (!), and the most common length for a necklace. The standard princess length is about 18 inches long and is designed to hang just below the collarbone. The princess necklace will go with loads of different clothes, from high to plunging necklines.

Bib necklaces: most often the same length as the princess necklace, these are made up of multiple strands of beads or pearls or woven rings, which can be pretty subtle and unassuming, or range all the way up to a statement breastplate!

Matinee: longer than the princess necklace, this style tends to fall to the top of the bust, with a length of around 20 -25 inches. The matinee can be a great option to go with women's business attire.

Opera: sometimes also known as the rope necklace, the opera necklace style can be worn as a single strand or double looped, and is longer than the matinee. The trend over the last couple of years has been for ultra-long rope necklaces, and even for several different ropes to be worn at the same time.

Lariats: this is another type of very long necklace style, but lariats are unattached at one end so that you can tie or knot them in different ways to suit your style. Some lariat necklaces have an open charm or slot on one end that the opposite end can drape through.

Adjustable necklaces: For extra flexibility with necklace styles, many necklaces have extra links of some kind at one end so that the clasp on the other end can attach in different places so you can adjust the length. And here's a quick tip: adjustable necklaces are an especially good choice when you're giving a gift and aren't sure which length to buy.