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Modular Kitchen – A must-have for your house

No matter what type of house you live in, kitchen holds a special place. There were times when kitchen was utilized only for preparing food and was separated from the other rooms so as to avoid mess. But, with the change in lifestyle, kitchen style has evolved too. Nowadays, kitchens are relatively larger and can be used in a variety of ways that best suit your needs. Modular kitchens are making a big impression in Indian homes. In this type of kitchen, there are multiple layers of cabinets that give your kitchen an elegant look. Other than cabinets, wall units are also an important part of the modular kitchen. It doesn’t only make the kitchen look less messy, but also helps you to organize things in a smart way with convenient cabinets and compartments.

Types of Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are designed keeping the increasing space crunch in mind. Some popular modular kitchen types are –

  • Steel Kitchen – If you are looking for something classic yet modern, then steel kitchen is the ideal bet for you. This ultra-modern kitchen type is available in multiple designs and materials. Stylish and aesthetic, steel kitchen not only accentuates the beauty of your house but also gives your kitchen an ultra-modern look. In addition to this, steel kitchens are durable, environmental friendly as well as fire, heat, and dirt resistant.
  • Willow Wok Kitchen – Traditional yet modern, willow wok kitchen gives a welcoming look to your house. A willow wok kitchen is a new range of wooden modular kitchen that comes with a wide range of options for drawers, baskets, and hinged doors. This kitchen type is made of waterproof marine ply and comes with a warranty of 10 years.

Ample of designs to pick from

Is your kitchen small or large? Modular kitchen designing is not only about the furniture and colour. The layout of the kitchen mostly depends upon the space. So, if you are thinking to recreate or rebuild an entirely new kitchen, then there’re plethora of kitchen layouts to choose from. Here’re some of them –

  • L-shaped kitchen – L-shaped kitchens are very convenient to use. The layout of L-shaped kitchen is perfect for homes with a small space. Classy and sleek, L-shaped kitchens are apt for entertainment, seating, and dining with family members.
  • U-shaped kitchen – If your family has more than 4 members then U-shaped kitchens are ideal for you. These kitchen layouts are meant for homes with bigger space as they are designed with multiple cabinets to hold kitchenware and accessories.
  • Parallel shaped kitchen – Also known as corridor style, parallel shaped kitchen consists of two parallel units. One side of a wall can be used as a workspace and the other side of the wall can be used for cooking as well as washing.
  • Single wall kitchen – This kitchen layout is best for people who live in studio apartments with open kitchen space.