How To Get The Most Out Of Your Arc Trainer

Different Workouts You Can Try

Consistent Pacing - This machine features 2 power modes - adaptive and constant power. When using the constant power, you must first set a power before working out. The machine then will automatically adjust the resistance in order to keep your power consistent through the entire workout. As compared to other machines that you just pedal as fast as you possibly can and slow down as you fatigue, the constant power this machine features will work to maintain a steady power output so that you won't experience the natural drop in power when you get tired.

Use Resistance - As for its adaptive power, you will have to choose a level from 1-20. It gets harder to pedal as the level increases. And this can result to a more intense workout. If you increase your resistance, you must not slow down. Rather, keep striding at a constant pace so that as you increase the resistance, you produce more power with every stride. For most people, they can sustain resistance points 1 through 5. But this will greatly depend on your fitness level. Bear in mind that these levels are considered most appropriate for very short intervals, which often lasts for 6-15 seconds. Short intervals can be combined in power training workout with moves like box jumps.

Interval Training - This is a method of training that will alternate high-intensity bouts with short periods of rest. You can use this strategy to any cardio equipment. Both power modes can actually be used for interval training. Consider undertaking such training thrice a week.

Programs It Offers

General Fitness - This is considered the best program for people who are just getting started with cardio workouts. Easily build your endurance as well as strengthen your lower leg muscles in several short workouts each week.

Heart Rate Recovery - This is a program that lasts for 8 weeks. It is meant to boost your recovery time. It combines anaerobic and aerobic exercises.