How to Choose the Right Nail Stamping Plate

However, one must know certain things before they gauge on to just the beauty of the Nail Stamping plates and end up spending much more than you had decided.

• Size matters
You do not only need to see the size of the plates but also your nails. You must know that not all sizes are the same. The manufacturers counting of shapes and sizes differ, so if a certain plate of a brand is fitting you, it does not mean that the other brand's will. Measure accurately.

• The categories
There are basically three kinds on the plates, full nail images, small designs and designs on French tip. Usually the full size one is the easiest, you just need to precisely roll over the stamp, just to see the design perfectly staying on the nails.

Smaller ones tend to be complicated as it requires settling down on specific and neat spot, with delicate prints like animals, flowers and more. And the tip prints are harder than the rest two and one needs proper practice before applying it.

• Purchase quality
Nail Stamping plates or let's say the magical nail art are turning into a profitable industry. Naturally there's competition and manufacturers are certainly fighting for your attention. Make sure that you do your necessary research and get the best deal possible. If you purchase it online and feel the price is quiet low then be aware of certain defects here and there on the plate. One needs to be really tactful in buying Nail stamping plates or nail art sticker for that matter. I know quite a task, isn't it?

• Scrapers of Metal blades? A strict No!
Scrapers of these kinds tend to ruin the metal plates while you scratch through it. One can experiment using laminated card as it proves to be quiet user friendly and helpful. Purchase flexible and thin cards, or you can even use gift card, credit cards, pan scrapers or any membership card.

• Check out the social media page of the brand for satisfaction
Yes! It's essential and probably the most crucial part, as we all know that today digital media is ruling the world. We come to know about what's good or bad through it. So check if the brand page consists of several negative comments and whether if they are doing anything to resolve the issue.

If there happens to be happy comments like 'received the gorgeous plates today' or 'can't wait any longer to use this' etc, then it's a good sign. Also go through the bloggers post and what are they using and giving preference to. This helps you to take a detailed decision, a decision that you will not regret later.

Nevertheless, nail stamping plates are a beautiful thing, and I honestly don't know how would have I flaunted my master work of nail art without these amazing plates. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the prettiest one now!