Can modular kitchens be fitted into a fixed platform?

Modular kitchens consist of carcasses or cabinets that can be fitted inside your kitchen, which means modular kitchen design can easily be adapted to suit your home. Accessories in fixed sizes can be fitted inside even small kitchen units. If your kitchen already comes with supports, sinks and cabinetry, it will be difficult to fit modular kitchen units into it. Typically, all you need to do is give the modular kitchens suppliers the measurements of your kitchen and they deliver standardised, readymade kitchen units to you.

If your kitchen is absolutely bare, you will need a box type, fully modular setup, which includes everything from cabinets to counters, pull-outs and shutters. If you already have granite counters or a kadappa (black limestone) framework, no need to completely alter the kitchen interior design; a modular kitchen can be customised and fitted into this. But this means only your external shutters and cabinet doors are modular in design and the overall look and feel of your kitchen will not be as stylish or ergonomic as a fully modular kitchen.