3 Most Common Sport Injuries That You Can Face

Here are some of the common types of sport injuries that you can face while you are playing in the team or in the backyard of the home. It is very important to notice the cause of the pain and take the right type of medication to deal with the pain. If you are neglecting the pain, you have to take bed rest for at least one month which is quite unbearable.

1. Strains and Sprains-

These are some of the most common type of injuries that can affect you while you are playing or practicing sport. They can occur in each stage of the physical activity. The sprain occurs when the ligament tears out. They can range from minor to severe damage. The sprain is very common in the ankles, knees and in the wrists. The strain is also called as the pulled muscle and happens when the fibers in the tendon stretch.

2. Fractures-

It is commonly known as the broken bone. They are fairly common sports injury that happens for one time injury to the acute bone. Repeated stress on the bone can cause the fracture. Small cracks can led to major pain inside the bone. The stress fracture happens in the legs or feet.

3. Dislocation-

This happens when any type of force pushes the bones in the joint to move it out of the alignment. It is known as the luxation. Certain contact sports like the football and excessive stretching can cause dislocation. It generally requires high quality medical supervision from the sports medicine doctor.